The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight is a collaboration between Cambridge and Heriot Watt Universities and the freight transport industry.

SRF performs fundamental and applied research into low carbon road freight, including both vehicle engineering and logistical factors. Members of the Centre influence the aims and directions of research in sustainable road freight, and obtain the benefits, including exploitation of intellectual property, for relatively low cost. The make–up of the Centre ensures that the members have complementary interests and that commercial confidentiality is maintained where necessary. Membership is based on an annual subscription. The Centre was fortunate to obtain a research grant from EPSRC for £5.5m over 5 years, from December 2012. This supplements the industrial funding to ensure that the Centre is able to perform a comprehensive research programme to tackle all important avenues of potential sustainability improvements for road freight. The Centre is run by a Steering Committee consisting of members of the University research teams and representatives of each of the Industrial Consortium Members.

An overview of the opportunity to participate in the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight is available in our ‘Invitation to Industry’. If you wish to receive our electronic newsletter or be contacted for further information about the Centre, please register your details here.