Low carbon logistics

As Logistics along with other sectors of the economy transition to decarbonised energy supply the generated electricity demand is in danger of outstripping available supply. To avoid this we need to identify ways of reducing the demand for logistics.

Agent based models (ABMs) can mimic future real worlds and consider a wide ranges of scenarios. This approach allows researchers to carry out experiments that would be costly and risky in the real world. Furthermore agent based models uniquely develop a detailed description of the whole systems and allow the researchers to explore the posssiblity of unexpected consequences.

Use of the ABMs enables development of standard data, technology, operational descriptions for application in models of nations, regions, and cities. The result is an integrated logistics and energy modelling environment.

The creation of a large scale high fidelity, scalable digital twin allows researchers to design robust experiments to inform the the specification of the associated energy system.

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Investigators: Phil Greening, Maja Piecyk

Andrew Palmer