Prospective Partners

Access to leading edge technology, research and thought leadership

  • Members have the opportunity to trial and be early adopters of technology and methods developed in the research.
  • Access, free-of-charge, to the Logistics database and tools for analysing data.
  • Members of the Consortium receive licenses to exploit any intellectual property that results from the research, on favoured terms.
  • State-of-the-art simulation and data analysis software developed by the centre’s researchers are available, free-of-charge, for internal use by the member companies.
  • Use of testing equipment and its designs for internal use by member companies.

Industry steered research

  • Individual members are able to influence the aims and directions of the large-scale research with a modest commitment of resources.
  • The Centre works closely with industry partners to develop technologies and tools to solve industry challenges.

Community of competence

  • Opportunity to network and collectively problem solve with other industry members.
  • Members have access and exposure to other academics and research groups around the universities. These other groups are able to address a very wide range of issues that may be of long or short term interest.

Timely payback

  • Under the Centre’s ‘15by25’ programme, every fleet operator that supports the Centre is allocated a team of expert researchers, tasked with helping them reduce fleet fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by 15% in absolute terms, on 2015 levels, by 2025. The researchers measure current fleet operations, analyse anticipated growth, help devise a decarbonisation plan, monitor ongoing performance and report on progress.

Company-specific benefits

  • Industrial secondments for employees of member companies: to work under the guidance of university staff on company-specific R&D projects. They return to their companies with this experience and the ability to implement the results of their work.
  • The opportunity to suggest suitable company-specific research or design projects for Masters-level students to complete in a relatively short period of time.
  • Contact with the universities provides member companies with access to top quality engineering and logistics students, for future employment.