Logistics asset utilization

Approximately 30% of all freight vehicles on the road are empty, and of those that aren’t empty are only 60% full. Furthermore the cases/pallets on the full vehicles are also only 60% full. In aggregated terms this means that “full vehicles” are only actually 36% full.

The SRF will complete an audit of the availability of volumetric data across the supply chain, collect data on packing efficiency as part of a horizontal case study, carry out an operational gap analysis to establish opportunities for technology, and operations. Finally the Centre will apply the results of all these activities in a series of case studies and improve evaluations.

The solution to address efficient asset utilisation will be a series of sector specific roadmap for improving load factors.

A 20% improvement in the packing efficiency of cases and vehicles would result in a doubling of the lading factor with an implied 50% reduction in logistics demand) reduction in the carbon/energy footprint of logistics.

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Investigators: Phil Greening