John Lewis

John Lewis Partnership

The John Lewis Partnership’s 93,800 Partners own the leading UK retail businesses John Lewis and Waitrose. Our founder’s vision of a successful business powered by its people and its principles defines our unique company today. The profits and benefits created by our success are shared by all our Partners.

Benefits of Membership

The main benefits of being a SRF member to The John Lewis Partnership have been:

  • The ability to help direct world class research in vehicle engineering and logistics
  • The ability to apply research practically in relatively short timescales
  • The great networking opportunities

Our commitment to sustainable business growth is not new. By setting a stretching and challenging target, underpinned by a robust, long-term carbon reduction plan, we will focus our efforts to reduce our absolute carbon emissions as we grow. Integral to our approach to reducing our carbon emissions is the trust we have built with our customers based on our commitment to deliver what we promise and the real sense of ownership that our Partners have in our business success

Charlie Mayfield
Chairman, John Lewis Partnership.