In 1930, brothers Wallace and Frank Turner bought their first vehicle and began delivering loads from their father’s farm in Soham, Cambridgeshire. Eighty years on and Turners has grown to be one of the largest haulage companies in the UK.

Turners are an independent, privately owned company employing in excess of 3000 colleagues who are recognised as a key ingredient to the business success and growth. Experienced, proactive management and staff are responsible for operating over 1750 vehicles and 2500 trailers from 32 locations.

The business has four divisions operating 21 business units.

  • Temperature controlled storage and distribution – East Anglia and Lincolnshire
  • Tankers – Liquid and dry Food grade products – Fuels and Additives – Building products
  • Containers – Operations at key UK ports.
  • PPL – Pre Pack Logistics and Solutions

The head office site at Newmarket extends to 48 acres, which includes 500,000 sq ft of temperature controlled storage for over 90,000 pallets, a division of the refrigerated transport fleet and PPL, our processing and packing operations.

Our business is about delivering cost efficient, innovative, Supply Chain Solutions for transport and warehousing.
Sustained and consistent growth has enabled continued investment in people, technology and equipment to ensure maximum efficiency throughout the group.

Our award winning partnership approach to contract distribution ensures all parties remain focused on cost control without
compromising service levels, meeting and often exceeding client expectations. Delivering cost effective supply chain solutions is a prerequisite for all business units.

Environmental responsibility is a key focus within our operations. From our recent energy-efficient coldstore at Bicker Lincolnshire being Industry leading air tight thermal skin design that delivers a 20% thermal efficiency improvement to our LCRS award winning fuel efficiency and Carbon reduction programmes.

Turners and the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight.

Since being introduced to SRF in 2014 we became full members in 2015.

The opportunity to be actively involved in leading and investigative research with the University and other Industry partners supports Turners with its aims at improving efficiencies, reducing its environmental impact through tested and practical technological developments.

The benefits will not only come through the results of the projects we partner but by being involved in the leading edge of developments in sustainable road freight transport.