SRF Logger

What is SRF Logger?

SRF Logger is an Android-based data logging device that monitors operations of road freight vehicles in-service. It features unattended collection of data from both a vehicle and its operating environment at frequencies up to 20 Hz.

The data include vehicle speed and location, vehicle dynamics (accelerometer and gyroscope measurements), engine performance (engine rpm, torque, fuel consumption etc.), driver control actions (accelerator pedal position, gear, cruise control etc.), weather and high-accuracy road elevation.

Data collected are automatically streamed via 4G/5G in-real time to a server and database system, enabling many vehicles to be logged simultaneously. The device can be customised to measure other data of interest, e.g. tyre temperature, TRU electricity energy use, and CNG flow.

Benefits of using SRF Logger?

  • Measuring real-world vehicle operations – SRF Logger provides direct measurement of vehicle and driver performance during normal operations.
  • Understanding benefits of vehicle modifications – SRF Logger data can be used to quantify fuel-saving benefits of vehicle modifications such as low-rolling resistance tyres, aerodynamic improvements, light-weighting, driving behaviour change, etc.
  • Predicting benefits for the future – Data collected by SRF Logger can be used to generate accurate computer simulations of vehicle performance: to answer ‘what-if’ questions about possible future operation strategies and cost reduction opportunities.

Who should use it?

The SRF Logger can be used by road fleet operators of any size.

Why SRF Logger?

  • High Resolution, high frequency, high quality data
  • Flexible data collection options for ICE and electric vehicles of any size
  • No disturbance to driver
  • Unattended and automatic operation
  • Connected to a suite of analysis software for decarbonising heavy goods vehicles

What outputs do you get from SRF Logger?

  • Real-world vehicle operational data
  • Customised measurement, e.g. tyre temperature, TRU electricity energy use, CNG flow, and any other channels of interest.
  • Reliable assessment of fuel benefits from vehicle modifications
  • Information about future decarbonisation strategies

The SRF Logger is developed by the Centre for Sustainable Road freight. It has been tested and validated extensively over the past six years. The up-to-date version of SRF Logger is currently being used in a number of programmes, with some running outside the UK.

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