SRF Logger

Project output

An Android based solution for heavy vehicle monitoring.

  • Reports fuel use & engine parameters motion; position and vehicle dynamics.
  • Measures vehicle drive cycles and vehicle dynamics.
  • Wireless data logging.
  • Data streams back to server and database.
  • Customisable to measure other data (e.g. TRU electricity energy use and CNG flow).


Once analysed, data collected via the app can be used for improving logistics, measuring drive cycles, identifying parameters for simulation models, driver behaviour measurement and other research applications

% fuel saving

Data measured by SRF Logger provides direct measurement of fuel-saving technologies during normal operations. It is also key to SRF vehicle simulation tools. These will unlock substantial fuel consumption and emissions reduction opportunities for operators

%CO2e Saving:

Equal to fuel saving for most measures

Cost of implementation

Free to members apart from hardware cost (apx. £300 per vehicle)

Implementation strategy

The testing programme with members is currently ramping-up. Contact Xiaoxiang Na