Freight Electrification Demonstrator: Feasibility Study

by David Cebon on 27th July 2021 in News archive

Freight Electrification Demonstrator: Feasibility Study

The UK Department for Transport has today announced the award of funding to a team including the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight, for a project to design a large scale system demonstrator of logistics electrification.

The project team includes Siemens Mobility, Scania, Costain, The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight (Cambridge University and Heriot-Watt University), ARUP, Milne Research, SPL Powerlines, CI Planning, BOX ENERGI and Possible.

The project will investigate the feasibility of building a 20km stretch of overhead contact lines on a UK motorway, to power long-haul HGVs using Siemens ‘eHighway’ technology. The system will be connected to logistics facilities at either end, to demonstrate end-to-end electrification of logistics: from port to depot to city centre.

Professor David Cebon, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight said: “Our previous research indicates that overhead catenary power will provide the lowest cost, lowest carbon, and most rapidly deployable solution to decarbonise long-haul road freight in the UK. This project will test the concept at the next level of detail. Moreover, the technologies this consortium is working on could be deployed in most countries once demonstrated, supporting the global move towards greener logistics.”

Full press release here: ERS consortium release_FINAL_27072021

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