Parliamentary Enquiry on Hydrogen – Science and Technology Committee

The UK Parliamentary Science and Technology Committee held an oral evidence session on ‘The role of hydrogen in achieving Net Zero’ on 3rd March 2021.  The programme (listed below) included evidence by Prof David Cebon, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight.  Prof Cebon discussed the role of Hydrogen for powering lorries, heating buildings and electricity storage and pointed out that there are more efficient technologies with higher readiness levels that are superior to hydrogen in all three of these applications.

Click on this link to view the video of the evidence session

Click on this link to read a transcript of the session 


9:15 am:
Professor David Cebon, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Cambridge
Professor Nilay Shah, Head of Dept of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College

Michael Liebreich, CEO at Liebreich Associates
Dr Jenifer Baxter, Chief Engineer at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers

Baroness Brown of Cambridge