Official launch

by SRF on 22nd May 2013 in News archive

Official launch

The official launch of the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight was held today at the Freight Transport Association’s Cutting Carbon, Cutting Costs LCRS Conference.

Wincanton’s Dave Rowlands, Chairman of the Centre, introduced the Centre during his opening speech at the conference with the following announcement:

“I am also delighted to be announcing the introduction of the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight, a collaboration between Heriot-Watt University and University of Cambridge to research the opportunities for decarbonising freight. This new venture, initially funded for five years, marries the engineering expertise of Cambridge University Engineering Department with the logistics and operational expertise of Heriot-Watt University’s Logistics Research Centre. Both suppliers and logistics companies plus FTA will participate to steer the research, provide trial subjects and real-world input.”

Dave Rowands 22nd May, 2013

The Centre’s Director, Professor David Cebon, delivered the keynote speech and spoke in further detail of the Centre.

A copy of the SRF Launch Press Release is available here.