Dr Justin Bishop

Justin Bishop is Senior Consultant in Transport Consulting for Arup and Academic Collaborator in the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering. Formerly, he was a Research Associate in Transport Analysis in the University of Cambridge Department of Engineering and Visiting Research Associate in the Transport Studies Unit at the University of Oxford. He works on projects around electric power generation, road transport and the built environment.

Justin developed the SRF Mapper and SRF Simulator which complement the SRF Logger and SRF Optimiser to form the SRF Decarbonisation Toolkit.

The Mapper outputs a model of the vehicle, including gear ratios and shifting regime, physical characteristics and engine maps of fuel use and emissions.  The Simulator allows us to quantify the impact on fuel use and emissions from changes in vehicle technology, driver behaviour and logistic operation. Justin was awarded a EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Outward Fellowship to commercialise the SRF Decarbonisation Toolkit in partnership with the FTA.