Heriot-Watt University

Dr Andrew Palmer

Honorary research fellow at the Logistics Research Centre of Heriot Watt University and is a renowned expert in strategic logistics network design and related quantitative techniques such as computer modelling. He is the original author of the CAST supply chain network planning software which is used by more than 300 major companies throughout the world. For over 30 years Andrew has been involved in a wide range of commercial, UK government and European Commission sponsored projects. He was recently employed by the European Commission as a logistics expert to evaluate proposals, under the Seventh Framework transport call – TREN 2010. His research interest focuses on the sustainability of freight transport and the methods required to improve vehicle capacity utilisation and reduce empty running. He recently completed a one year project for ECR UK, which is run by the Institute of Grocery Distribution, which involved modelling the transport flows of 27 major retailing and manufacturing companies with a view to reducing the number of vehicles on the road, in particular, through collaboration. He has just started working on a three year European Commission project with the acronym CO3 (Collaboration Concepts for Co-modality) which has the aim of identifying and implementing freight transport collaboration opportunities in Europe. He has published many articles, and is a regular speaker at logistics planning and sustainability conferences. His work in home deliveries and sustainable logistics has received media coverage with television interviews and articles in national newspapers.