CNG Vehicles

Evaluated field trial of bio-gas trucks using SRF Logger data, telematics data, refuel data and modelling. Compared transport performance and total cost against baseline diesel trucks.

Cost of fuelling gas trucks is approx. 30% lower per of transport work, compared to diesel trucks.

When running on CNG, their equivalent carbon emissions are approximately 19 % lower than the baseline diesel, and when running on bio-gas, their equivalent carbon emissions are approximately 74 % lower.

Considering the total cost (capital cost and refuel cost), excluding the labour and maintenance costs, compared to a baseline diesel truck, the break-even period of a gas truck fuelled by bio-gas is approximately 2 years.

% fuel saving

30 % lower fuel cost

%CO2e Saving

19 % lower CO2e for CNG (74 % lower for bio-gas)

Cost of implementation

A gas tractor costs approximately £30000 more than a diesel tractor. Payback period of approx. 2 years.

Implementation strategy

CNG is ready for implementation now. However, the amount of available bio-gas is not sufficient to convert all diesel tractor units in the UK with gas tractors fuelled with bio-gas.