The focus of the Centre is to achieve deep reductions in CO2 emissions from the road freight sector by combining highly-focussed vehicle engineering with systematic improvements to freight distribution  systems: optimising vehicles in parallel with logistical tasks.

The research aims of the Centre are organised into four key themes:

Research and industry events

Core Activities

Work under this theme will optimise the use of resources and maximise the value of the research results. It will focus on development and implementation, governance of the research portfolio to maximise quality and impact; planning for dissemination and exploitation of IP; roadmapping the road freight sector’s path to meeting Government’s emissions targets. In adition, Core Activities invol...


Data Management, scenario analysis and decision support tools

  This theme will focus on the creation of integrated databases assembling data on: logistics systems; freight traffic flows and related costs and externalities; development of decision-support tools for companies and policy-makers; use of the databases and tools for scenario building. The foundation of excellent research, analysis and decision-making is robust data.  This theme wi...


Optimising Long Haul Transport

  This theme will focus on research and applications to optimise the efficiency of long haul vehicles, their management and the logistics infrastructure within which they operate. In this theme we investigate: Rolling resistance reduction Aerodynamic improvements Ultra lightweight trailer design Logistics factors Close collaboration will ensure that research o...

Emissions Testing

Sustainable Urban Freight

  This theme will investigate opportunities to optimise the efficiency of urban delivery vehicles, their management and the city logistics systems within which they operate. This theme will explore routes to major reductions in fuel consumption for urban freight transportation by optimizing the combination of vehicle technology and logistical arrangements.  It will focus on three i...