1C: Decarbonisation Roadmap for the UK Road Freight Transport Sector

This project will aim to review and synthesise all research into CO2 abatement measures for road freight transport undertaken in the Centre and elsewhere and on this basis construct a carbon reduction roadmap for the road freight sector for the period up to 2050.


  1. Construct a coherent, realistic road map for achieving the GHG reduction target from road freight by 2050
  2. Define a series of interim targets for intervening years between now and 2050
  3. Design a programme of research strategy into the various carbon abatement measures that need to be implemented along the way to meet the targets
  4. Continuously update the roadmap as the centre’s research generates more accurate information
  5. Develop and apply a transparent methodology for measutring industry’s progess towards the interim targets,

Project Tasks

  • Comprehensively review previous road mapping studies conducted in the UK and elsewhere to show  possible carbon reduction pathways for the road freight transport sector.
  • Identify all the carbon reduction measures that can be deployed, assess their feasibility and  abatement potential, as well as the sequence of steps needed to meet the GHG reduction targets.
  • Develop understanding of underlying factors that will drive the reductions in GHG emissions and adoption of new technological solutions & logistics practices.
  • Develop a methodology to estimate the extent to which the identified measures are being implemented and their carbon impacts.

This work will be conducted on the basis of published evidence, extensive industry consultation, and using modelling studies. Workshops and discussions with stakeholders will be organised throughout the duration of the project to ensure industry’s buy-in and support.


Academic Impact: The project will take stock of the roadmapping work undertaken to date, assessing the current state of knowledge and highlight shortcomings and inconsistencies. It will define critical areas for future research and provide frameworks within which research results can be synthesised.
Commercial and Social Impact: Public policy-makers and company managers can benefit from guidance on the most promising pathways to cutting road freight emissions. This will include information on the likely time-scales over which carbon reduction measures can be realistically implemented and the interrelationships.

Committee for Climate Change Case Study