Transdek provides specialist, innovation-driven products and services to support the effective integration of high-cube double deck trailer fleets in the UK and Europe.

Transdek’s whole company ethos is based on developing and promoting the means to increase transport efficiency and supply chain sustainability. Since Transdek’s beginnings, we have worked to create systems that enable streamlined logistics processes and reduced carbon footprints.

Transdek and the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight

With a long and successful history of developing products – commercial vehicles, loading systems and bespoke warehouse modifications – to save road miles, streamline transport costs, and cut carbon emissions, Transdek’s principals are closely aligned to the Centre’s research aims. The subject matter of the research themes ‘Optimising Long Haul Transport, which covers areas such as rolling resistance reduction, aerodynamic improvements ultra lightweight trailer design and logistics factors, has particular relevance for Transdek.

Transdek’s double deck trailers are all designed to offer maximum eco benefits, in terms of improving transport efficiencies and reducing emissions, as well as cutting operating costs.

Benefits of Membership

Transdek have been a member of the Centre’s Industrial Consortium since 2014. Some of the benefits this partnership has generated are:

  • The opportunity to undertake collaboration and expertise sharing with other members to.
  • Ensuring the needs of industry are clearly represented by the Centre’s research.
  • The ability to stay at the forefront of research and development in carbon reduction strategies and cost saving innovations.