Optrak - partners of Centre for Sustainable Road Freight

At Optrak we help our clients save distribution costs and improve customer service through advanced, customisable Vehicle Routing and Scheduling software solutions.


Our Optrak4 logistics planning software provides route optimisation, vehicle scheduling and integrated 3D load modelling; allowing our clients to cut costs, improve customer service, plan faster and reduce your environmental impact.

Plans can be published over the internetETAs can be sent to customers as SMS or emails and the results can be sent to WMS and PoD systems.

Optrak’s customisation capabilities combined with our industry knowledge ensures a system that fits our clients’ industry and organisation.

Optrak and the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight

Optrak has been an active member of the CSRF from the start. As well as participating in meetings, we have donated software to the universities for logistics simulation and are active participants in a number of projects, including:

Traffic Monitoring and Prediction of Congestion, where improvements in techniques for prediction of congestion could provide a valuable refinement on the modelling of real-time traffic for better real-time routing and to allow more accurate notification of time of arrival for businesses and consumers awaiting deliveries or collections.

Human Factors Approach to User-Interaction and Decision Support in Logistics Operations which will include research into improving the use of software systems within the transport office with the aim of adapting the software to facilitate more rational or economic decision making by users.

In addition we have sponsored 3 summer projects with students from Heriot-Watt and Cambridge, looking at:

  • The use of Android smart devices to capture driving data.
  • An investigation of the impact of Time-Windows on delivery costs.
  • An investigation of the impact of using historical road speed data – particularly time-varying rush-hour data to improve delivery reliability and allow more effective optimisation of plans.

Optrak is currently supporting the following projects:


Future Mapping

This project will aim to review and synthesise all research into CO2 abatement measures for road freight transport undertaken in the Centre and elsewhere and on this basis construct a Read more…