11th International Workshop on Sustainable Road Freight

11th International Workshop on Sustainable Road Freight

We are delighted to announce that the 2024 workshop will be hosted by Distinguished Professor Hong Chen, Director of the Institute of Intelligent Vehicle Research, Tongji University, Shanghai, China.

All speakers are expected to attend in person, but the proceedings will be live streamed for those who cannot travel to Shanghai.

There is a widespread consensus on the urgency of global transition to net zero future. However, despite decades of intense research efforts, there is still uncertainty around the pathways that supply chains and logistics systems will have to follow in order to meet various interim targets and drastically reduce GHG emissions by 2050. In addition, the global environment has become increasingly turbulent posing a significant challenge to the resilience of supply chains and the decarbonisation process.

This year’s workshop will discuss the breakthroughs needed in logistics strategy, technology and practice to achieve the carbon neutralization goals set for the sector in the medium and long terms.

Keynote Speakers


Call for Papers

We invite presentations on ways to achieve carbon neutralization of the logistics and road freight transport sector, with a particular focus on:
• Improving sustainability, resilience and robustness of supply chains through carbon neutralization of logistics and road freight transport
• Case studies on the carbon neutralization of logistics and road freight transport
• Knowledge management and organisational learning related to carbon neutralization of logistics
• Global, national and organisational perspectives on the transition to net zero logistics
• Ways to accelerate the transition to net zero freight systems: through technology, logistics and policy
• Resilient and flexible technologies to facilitate the transition to net zero logistics
• ‘No-regrets’ or technology-agnostic measures and investments that can be implemented now to support the longer-term carbon neutralization of logistics
• Organisational change and readiness for near zero logistics solutions
• Local socio-economic, regulatory and political factors shaping the speed and magnitude of the transition process

Submission of Abstracts

Participants are invited to submit abstracts presenting research investigating the sustainability of the freight transport sector. Abstracts focusing on the workshop themes described above are particularly welcome. Abstracts should focus on recently completed research, or research in progress.

Abstracts of max 1000 words should be submitted by 3rd June 2023. Notifications of acceptance for presentations will be sent out by 17th June 2023. Please submit your abstract by sending it to Virginia Bath (vl270@cam.ac.uk). Please note that all presenters are expected to attend the event in person.

International Scientific Committee

Daniel Ainalis
NTRO – Australia
Alan Mckinnon
Kuhne Logistics University – Germany
Shankar Subramanian
Indian Institute of Technology Madras – India
David Cebon
Cambridge University – United Kingdom
Xiaoxiang Na
Cambridge University – United Kingdom
Ed Sweeney
Heriot Watt University – United Kingdom
Hong Chen
Tongi University – China
Maja Piecyk
University of Westminster – United Kingdom
Lori Tavasszy
TU Delft – Netherlands
Chris de Saxe
Zeus Labs – United Kingdom
Debjit Roy
Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad – India
Joubert Van Eeden
Stellenbosch University – South Africa
Phil Greening
Heriot-Watt University – United Kingdom
Yongyi Shou
Zhejiang University – China
Julio Villalobos
Universidad Andres Bello – Chile
Jan Havenga
Stellenbosch University – South Africa
Srikanthan Sridharan
Indian Institute of Technology Madras – India
Gordon Wilmsmeier
Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia


If you have any questions or would like any further information, please email vl270@cam.ac.uk