SRF Introductory Workshop

Research and industry events

On Wednesday 28th March 2018 a workshop will be held at Cambridge University Engineering Department for senior technical and logistics personnel from some of the UK’s major commercial freight transport organisations.

The main aim of the workshop is to present the new Centre for Sustainable Road Freight (SRF), which is collaboration between Cambridge and Heriot Watt Universities and a number of companies that work in road freight transport sector.

What you will learn

The workshop will be an opportunity to learn about the large portfolio of research activities in the Centre, concerned with minimizing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from road freight.  You will also hear about how you can get involved in setting the research agenda and take advantage of the results.

If you have heard about the activities of the Centre in the past, this event will provide you with a lot more information about the way that the Centre has grown during the first 5 years of its operation and the new research activities.

Benefits of membership

  • Access to latest research, worldwide
  • Access to Logistics database
  • Early adoption and testing of results…
    • Simulation software
    • Testing equipment and instrumentation, HiL
    • Prototype vehicle hardware
    • Experimental vehicles
    • Spin–off technologies
  • ’15by25′ (15% by 2025) Carbon Reduction Programme
  • Company-specific projects and advice
  • Cooperation/Networking with other members
  • Marketing for member companies – eg CSR Reports
  • Access to other research groups around the universities..
  • Financial leverage for research £
  • Help meet corporate sustainability targets

How to register and join the workshop

To register for the workshop please RSVP to Virginia Bath by Monday 26th March. For further information about the Centre contact Professor David Cebon .

Preliminary Agenda

9.30am Registration and Coffee
10.00am Welcome and introductions (Justin Laney: General Manager – Central Transport, John Lewis; Chairman SRF)
10.30am Introduction to the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight
(Prof David Cebon: Director of SRF)
11.00am Research on road freight operations at Heriot Watt University
(Dr Maja Piecyk: University of Westminster)
11.30am ‘An Operator’s Perspective’(David Rowlands, Technical Services Director Wincanton)
12.00noon Lunch and Poster Session
1.00pm Linking Research and Practice: Business Perspective on Progress towards Low Carbon Freight Transport
(Andy Eastlake: Managing Director, LowCVP)
1.30pm Research on heavy vehicle engineering in Cambridge (Prof David Cebon)
2.00pm Getting involved in the SRF
3.00pm Meeting Close
3:00pm Tour of the Research Labs in the Engineering Department

Background to the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight

The Centre is a collaboration between Cambridge and Heriot-Watt Universities and organizations in the freight and logistics sectors. Its purpose is to research engineering and organizational solutions to make road freight economically, socially and environmentally sustainable. This is the first time that a team of international standing has fully addressed the complete ‘triple bottom line’ of sustainability in this sector.  The team, led by Professors Alan McKinnon of Heriot Watt and David Cebon of Cambridge, combines expertise in logistics, road freight vehicle engineering, human factors and sustainability.  It works in partnership with key industry players, who help set the research agenda and drive the adoption of results by the road freight industry.