International Workshop on Sustainable Road Freight

The Centre for Sustainable Road Freight would like to invite interested parties to an International Workshop on Sustainable Road Freight Transport. 

Whilst road freight transport is an enabler of economic growth and wealth generation, it is also a significant source of externalities such as air pollution, noise and vibrations, and traffic accidents. Greenhouse gases (GHGs) from road freight transport are high on the political and corporate agendas. Furthermore, road freight operations are complex, with many interdependencies, such as: logistics practice, vehicle engineering, freight handling and informatics, to say nothing of the external factors such as modal synchronicity and levels of collaboration.

The reduction of GHG emissions from the road freight sector represents a significant challenge with multiple technical, management and political aspects. Designing, testing and implementation of effective interventions (managerial or technical), and appropriate policy measures need multi-disciplinary, multi-country research.

The organisers of this workshop would like to invite academics and practitioners from all related fields to take part in a debate of these issues – to shape the research agenda and to network with key research groups from around the EU.

 Workshop Themes:

 The workshop will discuss four key themes:

  • Long haul transport
  • Freight transport in urban areas
  • Risk and resilience in freight transport systems
  • Big data & freight transport models

 Invited presentations will consider vehicle engineering, logistics management and related information flows in the context of the above themes. Each session will be followed by a panel discussion aimed at identifying appropriate research agendas and the facilitation of collaborative research amongst the gathered community.

Keynote addresses will be given by Professors Alan McKinnon and David Cebon.

Professor Alan McKinnon is Head of Logistics and Dean of Programs in the Kuehne Logistics University, Hamburg.  He was formerly Director of the Logistics Research Centre at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh.

Professor David Cebon is Director of the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight and professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Cambridge. He is a specialist in heavy vehicle engineering.

Submission of Abstracts:

 Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit abstracts describing research investigating the sustainability of the road freight sector, focusing on the four themes described above.

 The authors of successful submissions will be invited to present their contributions at the workshop and participate in panel discussions with the broader audience.


Abstracts should be submitted by 16th June; they should be no more than 1000 words and describe recently completed research, research in progress, or planned research. Abstracts should make clear:

  • The status of the research (completed, in progress, or planned)
  • Give a background/motivation for the research
  • The research approach and its justification
  • The purpose and objectives of the research
  • If appropriate, the findings of the research
  • Suggestions for further work

 Selection of successful submissions will be confirmed by 30th June 2014

Presentation material should be submitted by 4th August 2014.

Delegate Fee

The delegate fee of £100 will include: meeting notes, breakfast, lunch, and coffee.

The presentations and summaries of the discussion panels will be circulated to attendees.


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