Rishab Gandhi of Raman Roadways visits SRF Partners

Over the years, the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight (SRF) has established 3 partner research centres in developing parts of the world: SRF South Africa, SRF India and the Smart Freight Vehicle and Green Logistics (SFVGL) Centre in China. See the SRF International web page.

These four centres have a common mission and structure. Each has a world-leading team of researchers in engineering and logistics, working with industry and government partners. The four centres collaborate in their research: exchanging students and scholars; sharing tools and methods; data and ideas; problems and solutions: with joint webinars, workshops and publications. A number of bi-lateral and multi-lateral collaborative projects are underway.

We are delighted to have Rishab Gandhi from Raman Roadways Pvt Ltd (one of the industry partners in SRF India) currently visiting the UK for 2 months on secondment. Rishab is comparing operational and technical practices between logistics operations in India and the UK. This is a fascinating learning experience for everyone involved. As part of this project, Rishab along with PhD student Parth Deshpande have had extensive interactions with SRF UK industry partners, Turners (Soham) Ltd and John Lewis & Partners.

During Rishab’s visit, we are also spinning-up some very exciting large-scale collaborative projects between the centres… Watch this space!

My thanks to Justin Laney of John Lewis & Partners and Terry Skelton of Turners (Soham) Ltd for taking the time and effort to host Rishab and Parth.