A Fork in the Road?

by David Cebon on 11th January 2021 in News archive

A Fork in the Road?

New Paper in Applied Energy…

A fork in the road: Which energy pathway offers the greatest energy efficiency and CO2 reduction potential for low-carbon vehicles?

By: Molly J.Haugen, Leonardo Paoli, Jonathan Cullen, David Cebon, Adam M. Boies


This novel study uses real-world commercialized process efficiencies successively in a stochastic analysis to determine energy pathway efficiency and CO2 intensity for light-duty and heavy-goods vehicles. The results presented can be applied to all energy mixes, allowing for various geographical and temporal analyses, as well as considering future grid decarbonisation and carbon-neutral scenarios. The results from this work are globally influential and provide academics, policy leaders and industrial leaders with rationalization to help achieve rapid environmental improvements.

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Publication Details

Journal: Applied Energy
Published: online before print, 9 December, 2020.