Chevron Lubricants - technology partners of Centre for Sustainable Road Freight


As one of the world’s leading energy companies, Chevron appreciates the value of  working with operators, vehicle builders, industry bodies and fellow suppliers in the transport sector to build a sustainable future for on-road delivery logistics.

Chevron  believes that a range of initiatives are needed to meet the world’s energy needs and it is only by working collaboratively with all the stakeholders that genuine progress can be made. We are also focussed on conserving energy and natural resources, and reducing the potential for environmental impact through our activities and operations.

Benefits of SRF Membership

As a partner in the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight Chevron has the opportunity to become fully involved in exploring and understanding the challenges for  the road transport industry.

Membership also provides us with an opportunity to offer technical expertise to support a number of important research projects that are designed to deliver long term impact to the very heart of the commercial transport industry.  This potentially ground-breaking centre will provide Chevron with a far greater insight into where to focus ongoing research and development work, and point the way to the next generation of products and the support services that we supply  to customers.

Chevron’s contribution to the Centre for Sustainable Road Freight

Chevron has expertise in many of the products used to maintain today’s vehicles. From engine oils to fuel system cleaners, from coolants to transmission fluids, Chevron’s position as a truly integrated company means that innovative solutions are underpinned with core capability. Whether it is lower viscosity lubricants to reduce drag, coolants that deliver improved heat transfer or fuel system cleaners that can remove injector deposits to improve spray patterns, all of these products can improve vehicle efficiency. Their aggregated use can have even more impact.

All our developments include extensive testing and close involvement with the vehicle manufacturers to ensure efficiency is not at the expense of reliability or durability. 

‘Working with OEMs and fleets to develop realistic short and long term responses to the significant sustainability challenges the world’s transport industry faces is essential if Chevron is to be considered as a partner of choice,’ explains James Welchman, European Marketing Manager, Chevron Products UK. ‘Our contribution to the Centre will be to develop further an environmentally, economically and socially responsible freight industry in the UK.’

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Chevron is currently supporting the following projects:


Future Mapping

This project will aim to review and synthesise all research into CO2 abatement measures for road freight transport undertaken in the Centre and elsewhere and on this basis construct a Read more…