Centre for Sustainable Road Freight contributes to the OECD-ITF report

Maja Piecyk, Julian Allen and Allan Woodburn, University of Westminster, contributed a chapter to the OECD-ITF report on Policies to Extend the Life of Road Assets. The report it is now available online.

Road freight transport is key to healthy economies. According to the UK department for Transport nearly 80% of domestic freight (measured in tonne-kilometres) travels by road. However, trucks also contribute to the deterioration of road infrastructure assets. Transportation agencies around the world face the challenge of providing and maintaining road assets that meet rising demand for road freight transport while simultaneously dealing with constrained budgets. The policy options presented in this report offer opportunities to sustain or improve the robustness of road assets, stabilise infrastructure budgetary requirements, and enable road assets to support prosperity and development needs of economies around the world.

In order to collect insights and review policy options available to policy makers around the globe, a Working Group on Policies to Extend the Life of Road Assets was convened by the International Transport Forum in 2017. The interdisciplinary group included 27 renowned practitioners and academics from 17 countries with expertise in asset management, traffic management, vehicle dynamics, logistics and economics, truck operations, and transport regulation and compliance. The draft report was sent out to 59 Transport Ministries for review, and it was then unanimously approved the ITF board meeting in November 2018.

The report looks beyond traditional engineering approaches, and considers the role of trucks in road assets deterioration from a broader, demand-oriented perspective.  It will aid decision makers involved in developing policies concerning road infrastructure assets, truck regulation and compliance, truck traffic management and freight planning.