Two successful bids in UK Low Emission Freight and Logistics Trial

The SRF research team is part of two successful bids for the £20m Low Emission Freight and Logistics Trial, announced by Transport Minister John Hayes on 11th January.

The two projects are:

‘Lightweight, Aerodynamic Double Deck Trailers’

Partners:  Lawrence David, Tesco, SDC, SRF

This project will design, build and trial six demonstrator lightweight aerodynamic double-deck trailers. A range of lightweight features will be adopted, including novel composite decking and running gear.

‘Maximising CNG Benefits’

Partners: CNG Fuels Ltd, Waitrose, SRF

The Project will trial a significantly sized fleet of dedicated gas HGVs to demonstrate their suitability for large scale roll-out.

In both projects, the main role of the SRF will be to instrument and monitor the vehicles in-service using the powerful ‘SRF Logger’ technology, developed by the research team over the past 2 years.  The team will analyze the results of the various low-carbon interventions and report the data to the programme office as well as performing a number of specialized tests, measuring noise, emissions, aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance.

Director of the SRF, David Cebon, said:  “We are delighted to be part of these important projects with two experienced teams of industry partners.  The projects will measure the effects of the low-carbon interventions in objective field trials, using the latest instrumentation and data analysis approaches.  This will help us to quantify the impact of the Centre’s research.”

For further information, the full announcement by the minister can be found here.